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I have a bad habit of saying no to opportunities.

It took me two years to leave a job where I was underpaid, uninspired, and unhappy because I didn’t think I could make it anywhere else. When I did finally leave and started working as a freelancer, I would constantly turn down jobs (both writing and web design) because I didn’t think I was capable. Instead of taking on challenges, I resigned to defeat without even trying.

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My Experience With PhiBrows Microblading


I like to think that I’ve been blessed with nice brows, mostly because I actually have them. Thank god I was still indifferent towards beauty and makeup when thin brows were trendy, so I never made the mistake of overplucking them! It took some time, a few mistakes (like bleaching them and leaving them as is), and a lot of learning and experimenting before I finally figured out my eyebrows.

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Life Lately

So much for being back. I can’t believe I let August fly by without updating this space at least once. I still have one more Bali blog post to put together but I keep putting it off because the photos from that day are mostly of me and monkeys. I don’t think I’ll ever make it as a travel blogger.

It’s an easy day at work so I thought I’d do a quick Life Lately post.

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Snaps from Mount Batur

Snaps from Mount Batur | blog.ditz-revolution.net

Following personal adversity, we do great (though not necessarily good) and sometimes funny things. In Wild, Cheryl Strayed set out to rebuild herself by walking 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (goals AF). Elizabeth Gilbert ate, prayed, and loved her way through three countries. Frances Mayes traveled reluctantly to Italy and bought a Tuscan villa on a whim. Alexander Supertramp gave away all his belongings and made his way to Alaska, surviving over 100 days before he died (maybe the happiest ending of all, depending on the current state of your mental health).

When we think we have nothing more to lose, we either spiral further into self-destruction (I drank my way through December) or pick ourselves up off the ground AND MAKE SHIT BETTER.

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