How I Fell Out of Love with Blogging and What I Learned Along the Way


A couple of weeks ago, Joey asked me what editorial calendar I used for my blog because he just came across one and it was amazing.

I said something along the lines of “haha what, I hardly ever blog these days.”

He told me I should get it because it was great for planning content; I can just go on WordPress and start writing! I replied with “okay, I guess I can plot when to talk about Freakie’s favorite things and when to talk about MY favorite things.” Something like that.

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Food Diary: What I Ate Wednesdays // 12


Thanks to the kind folks who suggested recipes last week! I was supposed to give keto a shot this week but guess who didn’t make time to research and do the groceries over the weekend? THIS GIRL. Hopefully, I can start next Monday.


A long black from Toby’s and some pizza bread thing that I decided I didn’t want after all, so I gave it to my co-worker and had a pack of Skyflakes instead.

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March Font Crushes


I’m starting a monthly round-up of my current favorite fonts! Right now, I’m big on handmade brush fonts and I chalk it up to my complete lack of talent in calligraphy and lettering (it’s not like I’ve tried to learn, but I just know it’s going to be pointless or take too much time).

Hopefully, we’ll help each other discover new fonts with each round-up!

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Fresh New Face



I figured it was high time to get rid of my old theme (Striking, un-responsive) and put together something more… 2015 (though the watercolor bouquet in the header bothers me a little because it’s so 2014 wedding invitation).

I’ll also be undergoing a long overdue blog overhaul. Can you believe Ditz Revolution has been around since 2006?! I’m reluctant to delete old entries because I like how I can easily access a good chunk of the last nine years, but I’m definitely going to privatize a bunch of crap that I find irrelevant. I was going through my drafts the other day and saw I had stuff typed up from 2008 that I never got around to publishing! That turned out to be a good thing because they were supes embarrassing.

It still needs a lot of tweaking and fixing, which I’ll get to this weekend. I can’t wait to breathe new life into this dumb old blog!

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