Ironically, I was thinking about Vox yesterday morning, before going to sleep. It definitely felt like I was the only one without an account, having seen Vox threads with several pages on Bebedawl and XXX.

(On an unrelated note, I’m about to smash my fucking Avaya phone against my goddamn monitor because we’re having system issues AGAIN. Every godforsaken day, we have system issues. It wouldn’t be such a big fucking deal if I were still hitting my daily sales goal— but I haven’t, not for this past week. SO IT FUCKING MAKES ME ANGRY BECAUSE I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF PROCESSING TWO SALES AND OUR NEXTEL SYSTEM DECIDES TO FUCK THE FUCK UP AND I’VE HAD MY CUSTOMER ON HOLD FOR 30 MINUTES NOW. I can’t afford to lose these 2 sales.)

So anyway. I finally gave in and asked for a Vox invite (thanks, hoochie).

And yay, I closed the sale.