What’s up, photos of my new room.

from the hallway
Wooden floors! <3

Before I put up “curtains”.

Better than curtains: sarongs.

It doesn’t get more Filipino: plastic dressers. Orocan is what’s up.

Dresser top: my phone, Back-up, two tubes of anti-fungal cream for my almost-gone ringworm, my pretty Princess pen, a Paris Hilton CD, two white stones from Galera, and random kikay stuff.

Umm, yeah.

I don’t have a proper table, so this is where Veronica Mars sits.


I will one day turn you into a royal mess. Just like me!

VERONICA MARS!!! Or Trampy McBitch, when she’s acting up.

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Larger photo of my desktop.

My Stupsi cat!

Hairlessness has a price. :hmph:

That’s all.

Wait. To make up for that fug photo up there:

Join Bebedawl. Helgarexia Nervosa! referred you :P