The boyfriend calls shenanigans but since I figure everything (except murder, incest, and rape) is worth a try, I gave in and got myself a bottle of Bio Enzyme Seaweed Slimming Lotion.

Bio Enzyme Seaweed slimming lotion

I just started using it yesterday, Sunday, and for 790 a bottle, it better damn work. I’m not quite sure how or why this is supposed to be slimming, but I’ve always had this idea that spa seaweed wraps work in a way that the seaweed absorbs water from your body… which is about as useful and effective as a crash diet and this, my friends, makes me a little stupid. BUT my mom says a friend of hers lost excess chub around her arms using the seaweed slimming lotion (my arms have always been my problem areas) and well, my mom would never lie to me.

I find myself in a Catch-22, though: in order to test if it really works, I’d have to forgo working out (at least) this week; now if I don’t work out and the product proves to be ineffective, I get fat.

Oh, me.