From The New York Times’s The Minimalist: Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less. I’m not much of a cook so this is a really nice read for me. Quick, easy, and healthy meals.

Asylum’s Smart Women Are Bigger Drinkers. Ha ha ha. Hear that, dad? Mom? Boyfriend? I’m kidding, I’m not entirely sold on this new study/phenomenon.

There are two explanations the researchers offered for this phenomenon. One is that brainy women often delay motherhood, giving them more time to develop a social life based on alcohol consumption; the other is that higher-achieving females are more likely to work in male-dominated fields, which have cultures that are heavy on drinking.

Asylum’s You Got Us, Internet— Our April Fools’ Day Web Prank Roundup. Just a list of e-tomfoolery that took place last Tuesday. Tuesday was a holiday here and I spent most of it offline (in my couch watching CSI, what else is new?) so I missed out on the fun. Did any of you fall for any internet pranks?

J’s list of Best Fashion Trends for Summer 2010: hot pants, wedges, blazers, and florals. Just this morning, I cut up an old pair of jeans and turned it into a pair of super short shorts. I’ve also given my pumps a rest in favor of wedges (much easier to walk in). Florals (especially granny florals) are already a favorite. Unfortunately, it’s too hot in the Philippines for blazers (or clothes, for that matter). I don’t know why I’m saying all this haha.

What is the best acne cream? LOLOLOLOLOL. The summer heat is doing funny stuff to my skin, making it super oily (I have normal skin). I keep breaking out! I bought a bar of acne soap yesterday (Defensil. I picked it out because they used the Diavlo typeface on the packaging). I hope it takes care of my forehead zits.

Sleeptrip’s 300 Love Letters. The entire Sleeptrip site, really. Not gonna lie: it appeals to a sentimental side of me.