I miss the old Hanson, when they wrote songs about the kind of girl I wanted to grow up to be. Ya know, the artsy, carefree type who wears cowboy hats and likes riding in cars with the top or windows down, feet up on the dash, flowers in her hair and a Starbucks latte by her side; totally chill yet very urban etc etc; the kinda girl someone would write songs about. Or at least dedicate a cheesy song on karaoke to.

Now they’re all pious and stuff, singing about the state of the world, wanting to fix the world, problems in Africa, life, and being decent human beings. I mean, that’s cool and all and I totally support them (the way you would support your 9-year old son who suddenly wants ballet lessons, ya know? Like, I’d rather you take up baseball or taekwondo but whatever makes you happy, kid, I fully support you and I love you), but damnit, I want music that makes me giddy and makes my girly heart flutter! Songs I can totally emote to in the privacy of my bedroom, that kinda thing. Screw maturity, I want my love songs!

I’m very excited for the new album. I’ve asked the boyfriend to get me the Deluxe Package because neither of us can afford or are truly willing to shell out $250 and $800 for the Gold or Platinum Package (the PP is sold out, by the way o_0). I hope it’s nothing like The Walk or else I’d rather go to church or make out with security cameras (wut). Maybe. No, not really.