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Things I Love, 6

1) Lists. Lists are easy and, when you have enough things to list down, makes for a passable blog entry. I’m lazy these days and prefer to no longer write extensively about my thoughts and how I feel, online. I feel like there’s enough of me and how my mind operates out there and that maybe it’s about time to hold back a little.

Orrr maybe I’ve just become boring. That must be it.

2) Kitties! And my pops, of course. They’re very adorable.

3) Milo, or any chocolate drink for that matter. A cold glass of it keeps me full for a few hours after lunch, tiding me over ’til dinner time. I know it’s kind of fattening so I have to keep myself from chugging down more than a glass and maybe only drink it every other day.

4) The internet! Where else can I read about prenatal vitamins at 3 in the morning?

5) My Echofon for Firefox stopped working when I updated to the latest version some weeks ago (even after uninstalling and re-installing it) and I’m too lazy to get Tweetdeck working so I’ve been using this browser-based Twitter client. I quite like it.

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