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Basyang is Boring

Practically the entire Metro Manila was at a standstill yesterday, thanks to Typhoon Basyang’s (Conson) strong winds. The power went out at my place at 1230am, Wednesday night, while I was in the shower (I was about to rinse off). People had been tweeting that they had lost power and I was really hoping that our neighborhood/area would be, I don’t know, spared? We didn’t lose power during Ondoy/Ketsana but then the winds weren’t insanely strong (like bear!) then.

It was a good thing that it was cold enough to sleep without any ventilation but the power was still out Wednesday morning which meant I had to take a cold shower. Cold showers are a lot like torture and if I could sue Meralco for this, I would (I actually have a list of things I wish I could sue Meralco for but I’m trying to avoid lists in this entry). I briefly contemplated calling Meralco with a story about how I am unable to work from home without electricity and will they reimburse me my lost income? I don’t actually work from home but at 9am, I am usually on my laptop checking on my Facebook frontier while drying my hair and chugging on two mugs of coffee. I realized I didn’t know Meralco’s number (nothing in the Yellow Pages, too) so I made my coffee, sat in my balcony, fanned my hair dry, took out my barcode scanner, and read a crappy book.

Isn’t this entry full of excitement.

The trains were out, too, and as a rule, I never take the bus to work. All right, I have no such rule but I feel like I need some neurotic reason to justify taking a cab to work when there are cheaper options. I thought about sending Meralco an invoice for my cab ride. The angry hums of several generators were the first thing I heard when I got off Emerald Avenue. LOL I went to work thinking we’d have power in the office but I was wrong. We were allowed to take half the day off (unpaid, of course) and I grumbled during the cab ride home (I thought the MRT wasn’t working still) when I realized I spent more than I earned for the day (I had to give my brother money).

I was in bed by 9pm. Did I mention I was still a little bit sick yesterday? I slept like a baby, I wish my skin would be like a baby’s, too.

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  • Reply torresclaren July 19, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    That’s forced vacation. You’re getting paid!

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