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The Weekend In Photos: Mango Farm

Well, it’s a Monday and I know I owe interested and curious people an Insanity update but I decided to track my progress here every two weeks aka every time I have to take the Fit Test. There aren’t any visible changes in my body (tummy is still as flabby as ever CRYMOANWAIL) but that’s ok— it’s only been a week, after all! I just have to keep at it, not give up, and watch what I eat.

Speaking of making changes to my eating habits/my diet: it’s hard. I pigged out and went over my beer (and cigarette) limit over the weekend. Once again, I am telling myself that it’s ok— it’s my first week, after all. I was supposed to do some cardio on Sunday (it feels strange not working out!) but I didn’t have enough time as I still had to look for copper farmhouse sinks. That said, Insanity is gong to KILL ME tonight.

Photos from the weekend Sunday!

My friends, Rabi and Roel, are getting married next month and had their engagement/pre-nup shoot at Mango Farm. I tagged along because Rabi told me there would be lunch and St Bernard puppies!

(I would have gone even if those two weren’t part of the day, heh).

Rabi and one of the puppies. That’s a five-month old St Bernard!

With Zuko and Appa (obviously the puppies, not the humans).

Our friend getting mauled by the pups. Zuko went first.

I had to edit Roel out -_-

A photo of everyone who stayed for the entire shoot (sans Rabi’s makeup artist). We left a little past 7 and headed to Roel’s for more Chinese food. I’m trying to avoid white rice but you can’t not have white rice with sweet and sour pork and beef and broccoli!

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  • Reply Marbs September 6, 2010 at 11:56 pm


  • Reply JJ September 7, 2010 at 4:57 am

    Are Rabi and Roel willing to share the final shots chosen from the shoot? Just the photo of the table setting and the pups made we want to see more. They look like a very happy couple. Congrats to them.

  • Reply Katy September 11, 2010 at 5:23 am

    I love these photos.. they’re gorgeous! I want my wedding pictures to have this mystical Secret Garden/Alice in Wonderland kinda feel too. So pretty.

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