the weekend

The Weekend in Photos: Books, Cats, Etc.

I decided to stay in Friday and ended up missing a fun night at Cubao X with my friends (you don’t have to watch the video. I mean, it’s fourteen minutes long for chrissakes lol). Unfortunately, I will have to keep passing up on Friday nights out due to Insanity.

Not a lot of photos for today as I’m in a hurry. I have an appointment at 4pm and I still have a handful of things to do. Saturday: dinner with friends at Flaming Wings, hanging out at National Bookstore’s Young Adult section (we were drawn in by Halloween decorations and led christmas lights on sale), hanging out at Tin‘s with Jewel, hanging out at RA‘s with Tin, Jewel, and Jason. As always, Sunday was spent hungover and lazing about.

My mess of a table.

I have a new headband, I got it for 25 pesos.

Nan making a Katy Perry.

I suck at this game because I always forget to check back on the carrots.

Hanging out with Edward and Bella.

Tin’s cat, Meowmeow.

Our setup in Tin’s room. We had ice cream and potato chips and watched an episode of Community and some SNL skits.

And then we ended up at RA’s.

RA’s cat, Boo. She is so cute but she’s a bit snobbish.

Trying to get her to play with me.

Sunday brunch! A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and ice scramble. Eaten while watching The Blind Side <3 I hope you guys had a good weekend!

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  • Reply teeyah September 27, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    I saw Information for Foreigners and got spooked and touched so much. :{ It wasn’t as fun as last week’s but I’ll live :)


  • Reply John Steven September 27, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    Your table has an overwhelmingly pinkish hue. O_o

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