Today is a happy day! I’ve been feeling miserable lately, mostly due to the rain (it makes me ronery!) and the fact that I haven’t worked out in over a week (lacking endorphins, yo). Fortunately, the shoes I ordered from Lovely Shoes last week and the La Riche Directions semi-permanent hair dye I bought off ebay ~2 weeks ago both arrived today! I have yet to open the box from Lovely Shoes so I’m not sure if they are worth the $52 I spent, heh (I’m cheap, OKAY).

Meanwhile, I googled La Riche Directions reviews and I’m a bit disappointed to learn that these fade quickly! Two or three washes and they’re gone! This is alarming because I wash my hair everyday so I guess I’ll have to forgo shampoo for a bit. I’ve been meaning to give No Poo a try, anyway (unnecessary, since I use organic shampoo from HHN but I wanna give it a shot. Still waiting for my shampoo for thinning hair for women). Still— talk about buyer’s remorse; I really should learn to google BEFORE purchasing. I should have gone with Manic Panic (roughly around the same price range) or Special Effects.

Oh well, charge it to experience.

Today’s outfit:

Thrifted crop top I’ve had for FOREVER but never got around to wearing ’til today (the buttons are heart-shaped <3), black lace skirt from ebay, boots from ebay. I have a love-hate thing for this cropped top: I like that it looks like something my grandmother would wear but I hate that the collar won't sit still. I got it for fifty pesos so I'm not really complaining. Meanwhile, I am starting to dislike these boots.

It rained all morning and I wanted nothing more than to waste my day on Frontierville while eating marshmallows and ginger candy. I’m so glad for the long weekend.