1) Hanson’s 5 of 5 DVD box set, $80. I asked my boyfriend for this and he said yes… except I told him I also wanted a DS Lite.

2) Nintendo DS Lite, in pink or white or red. Preferably with Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red (only those two, please). Boyfriend is making me choose between this and the 5 of 5 DVD set and because I am a greedy kitty, I want both!

3) Yvan Rodic’s Face Hunter. Just in time for his book signing on the 29th ♥

4) Heaps and heaps of brogues from Ichigo Shoes.

5) Maxi skirts and maxi dresses.
6) Teeth stuff: more Crest Whitestrips. Classic or Pro and not 3D, please!
7) Hair stuff: hair toner (to take the yellow out of bleached dark hair), silver or purple shampoo, and pink hair dye (from Manic Panic or Special FX).
8) Fun stuff: pokeballs, an ipod touch 32gb.
9) Human Heart Nature products. Balancing Facial Toner, Balancing Facial Wash, and Sunflower Cleansing Oil, specifically. I just found out today that they’ve discontinued their Tomato and Lemongrass toner; this makes me really sad.
10) An epilator.

What’s on your wishlist?