Right before passing out (not from fatigue, lol) at last Saturday’s party, I locked myself in one of the rooms to take photos. Because that’s what I do. I did it in Sagada (told my friends to not even think about going inside the underground river), I did it at our Christmas party, and I’ll probably do it a thousand times more in the future.

Sorry, friends.

I have this habit of taking two million photos of myself pretending to read. To be fair, I was reading first (who reads at parties, I know. I must mention, too, that besides reading, I was also solving word puzzles from a puzzle book I had just bought that day. In hindsight, I wish someone had taken away my books and my need to find about term insurance rates there and then, and told me to socialize) before I looked around the room and decided to set up my tripod.

I still feel silly whenever I take self-portraits around people.

Those new purple tights? They have two holes now. I wore them with my favorite black boots (with the side zipper and VELCRO) because I wasn’t stable enough to go around in the 5-inch heels I packed and I neglected to properly close the velcro patch. I am so good at taking care of my things.

Earlier that night, Shinji took over my camera and snapped these photos of Tin. I love them.

Ugh, can’t wait for the next ~*~hipster party~*~ My friends are the Cristal of friends. DID I MENTION THAT SOME TIME IN BETWEEN 130am and 2am, THEY SET OFF THE SUITE’S SMOKE ALARM??? There is a video on the internets somewhere.