Dressed in black because I hate da world.

I am fully aware that Christmas is over (nuts how 2010 went by quickly, yeah?) but I was too busy to publish this post last week (Christmas rush! Christmas… things! Christmas frenzy!) and I was internet-less over the weekend (I survived, surprise surprise).

Just a quick post as I am in dire need of blog entries. If it’s not painfully obvious yet, I am in lovelovelove with these boots (the same way that I am in lovelovelove with contemporary furniture). I’ve probably mentioned that a few million times in recent entries and I will probably keep saying it every time I wear them (provided I remember to snap a photo).

Everything is thrifted except for the skirt (got it on ebay), the bag (but it’s so old and battered that it might as well have been thrifted), the accessories, the black tank I am wearing under the sheer black top… and the tights, of course. I would never wear thrifted tights.