I hope you like cats because I have, for you, a handful of photos of my/our cats from when I was at my folks over the weekend! It’s been a while since I last saw all of them and I hate that I have somehow developed an allergy for cat fur! I have to make sure I keep them away from my face and that I wash my hands with soap and water right after cuddling them. Why can’t I be allergic to something else, like IDK, a cabinet lock?!

This is Peachy, everyone’s favorite. All the other cats take after her personality (meaning, they’re not very cuddly… unless you’re my dad).

Peachy and her baby, Girlie, napping.

Sleeping Girlie! Sleeping cats are the cutest.

Peachy and Girlie napping together.

Peachy waking up from her nap.

AB and Kitty. Of all our cats, Kitty is the wariest and jumpiest. I was only able to hold her once during the weekend. Girlfriend runs away the moment I take a step in her direction.

AB grooming himself and looking funny.

Missing from these photos is Silly cat who was barely home and barely stood still long enough for me to grab my camera. Sucks because he’s such a handsome cat with his white socks and tuxedo fur.