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2011 Goals and Projects

Happy new year, happy new decade a couple of days late! I had this whole collage of self-portraits from 2010 almost done on Photoshop the night of the 31st ’til I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to finish that AND cobble up a decent blog entry in twenty minutes. Besides, who in their right mind would spend New Year’s eve on the internet, reading my blog, anyway?

So 2010 was pretty uneventful but maybe I’ll save that for my next entry (aka where I post photos from my New Year’s). Today, I write about stuff I hope to do in the next 362 days. These are not resolutions, mind you… and no, I’m not about to blather on about how stupid and useless resolutions are. I think resolutions are fun to write down but I’ve outgrown the whole thing. What I need are goals, not just resolutions (because without the former, the latter is useless… I think?). I’m keeping this list simple so they’d be more doable. I know people say you should shoot for the stars or moon yadda yadda but I want to keep things realistic.

I am not a big fan of giving up my things— clothes, especially. I always dread waking up and having NOTHING to wear so I hold on to everything I buy and never throw them away. Ripped seam? That’s ok, I’ll find time to sew it up later. Something I no longer wear? Something ill-fitting? Something totally not my style? That’s ok, stay in my closet, I’ll find a way to make you work.

Now I don’t have a particularly large closet and it’s obvious that the shelves still have heaps of space (but I’m lazy and would rather hang clothes than fold them). I don’t have tons of clothes, either, but somehow…

More clothes downstairs. My mom has been bugging me to buy one of those disposable, plastic closets that I LOATHE just so I could store all my clothes properly. You can find this line of clothes right beside our bathroom door, under a curtain (to keep the dust away).

I don’t wear maybe 30% (ok, just made that up) of these so the smart thing to do is get rid of the ones I haven’t worn in the past six months. I will get to that this weekend.

Denim jackets aren’t really my style but I’ve been jonesing to get my hands on one for the sake of shredding the entire backside of it. I almost forgot about it when I went thrifting last Thursday; thankfully, my eyes wandered to the jackets rack while I was browsing. The store was about to close and I was lucky to get one that fit me nicely on the first try.

I skipped to the neighborhood grocery slash hardware store happily and purchased a sheet of sandpaper before going home. Then, I googled for how-tos. My face fell when I read that it’s best to shred real denim and none of that stretchy Lycra stuff. GUESS WHICH KIND I GOT. Good thing I’m not the kind to give up.


I sandpaper-ed and cheese grater-ed to weaken the fabric before launching an all-out attack with my brother’s cheapy nose hair scissors (that I bought, mind you). After half an hour and little progress, this happened:

R 0 0 D

What I’ve done so far (still using the broken scissors):

It’s tedious work and I’m hoping it doesn’t take me ’til 2012 to finish it. I’ll be needing a seam reaper.

I’ve seen 3 out of 100 so so far, so good. I’m keeping a list somewhere on the internets. If you have any movie suggestions, feel free to tweet me.

And by “layout”, I actually mean “header and color scheme.” I’ve become comfortable with this 3-column layout I’ve had since 2008 and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m looking at a blue, honeysuckle (Pantone’s 2011 color), and eggshell scheme. I might change my mind, of course.

Once upon a time, I had which died because I had no idea what I wanted it to be and because back then, I lacked the confidence to wear what I really wanted to wear. I do not proclaim myself fashionable or a *shudder* fashionista (as there are some people out there who have this silly notion that people who take outfit photos are so); I just like clothes, dressing up, and taking self-portraits. I cannot handle another Project 365 right now and I’m not the kind to take still life photos so it would be a shame not to use my camera.

Also, I like keeping track of what I wear and hope that someday, I can look back and see how my choice of clothes have changed.

Preferably nothing that entails sewing as I am idiotic with needles.

Those are all for now. What are your resolutions/goals/projects for the coming year?

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  • Reply Kate January 3, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    resolutions/goals/projects for 2011: hug more cats <3

  • Reply Len January 3, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Wow I just made a blog about goals/project for the year 2011!! Yours is so detailed though! I will bake/cook more this year, and eat more, and be fat(ter). Sheeeeeeeeeet omg I’m scared of this 2011 Food Project :|

  • Reply Dawn January 4, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Nice list! I can’t wait to see how your jacket turns out! I WOULD make a 2011 list but… I’m lazy. and if I’m too lazy to make a list, I’ll be too lazy to complete the list, which makes everything pointless! :)

  • Reply The Him January 4, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    You could have asked me
    regarding your denim jacket.
    I mean, how far of a “wreck”
    would you like it to look?

  • Reply Janine January 4, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    I loved manilabarbie.

    I make resolutions, but I’m going to break each one down into manageable things. I just find the date change *convenient* to put goals into motion.

    I hate doing a 365 and looking like ass for all the internets to see, but it really does its job of motivating me to shape up!

    You should do a self-photography for dummies series on your blog!

  • Reply DITZ-REVOLUTION.NET by Helga Weber | Filipina blogger and web designer » Shredded Denim Jacket Progress! January 17, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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