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What’s In My Bag

There are some things I fail at as a girl: getting weekly pedicures, actually getting manicures (such pretty things are wasted on me), having emotions, and owning the required number of bags. I don’t know— is there even such a thing? The point is: I’m not much of a bag person. I’ve been using this Cath Kidston bag 80% of the time ever since I got it last year and I am only sometimes embarrassed about it. To be fair, I’ve tried using other bags but this one is just too damn cute not to be used everyday, okay. Plus, it’s big enough to fit all my junk! Cute and spacious— it’s perfect!

Five days a week, these are the contents of my bag (some days, I don’t pack lunch… like when I woke up that morning with a hangover and can’t be bothered to cook; some days, I don’t bring my dSLR… like when I woke up that morning feeling less-than-cute):

Umbrella, my lunch container, makeup kit, cigarettes and lighter, handkerchief, tampons (just for this week, heh), brush with hair ties and rubberbands, my 50mm to represent my dSLR, powdered oil control sheets (this variety of Silk Secrets is crap, what a waste), coin purse and card holder, invisible management jobs module, train tickets, lotion, band-aids, Hannah Montana pen, iPhone, keys, iPod.

So I have a few questions:

1) How many bags do you have?
2) What’s in your bag?
3) How often do you change purses?
4) Do you know where I can get cute bags that are big enough to fit all my things? :)

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  • Reply Mimi March 24, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    1. I have around 15 bags that I interchange in use and 5 more bags that I rarely use, plus 2 overnight bags. Shoites! That’s a lot I think?

    2. I always bring my kikay kit but if its too bulky for my compact bags I just bring a lipgloss, mineral veil + brush, tissue/wet wipes, hand sanitizer. Other things I always bring, fan, eyeglasses, mobile phone and iPod, mints/gum, a pack of Skyflakes Fit, and of course my big coin purse (and I have 4 of that as well! hay!).

    3. I change depending on my outfit or mood but I often just use my Yadu bags.

    4. Most of my bags are bought online (via or at thrift shops. If you like bohemian bags with lots of compartments that can fit your stuff, I suggest Yadu kaso they’re so expensive! pewp :(

  • Reply LouBeeLou March 24, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    Hey Helgs

    1) I have three bags for work, one rucksack (back pack), two evening bags, three over-the-shoulder cuties.

    2) I keep: coin purse, travel card holder, mobile phone, small camera, lip balm, hand cream, hair pins, hair ties, tissues, perfume, emery board, ipod, dance shoes, deodrant, safety pins, tit tape, band aids, keys, chewing gum, coldsore patches, spare pair of ‘dancing’ socks (don’t ask), spare pair of pants, dry shampoo, small hairbrush,

    3) I change between my two big work bags and back pack almost daily, because on two or three days a week I take a change of clothes to work for the gym / dance, and when I don’t, I like to change between a tan cross the body bag and a tan shoulder bag ( the latter being bigger). As I sometimes don’t come home after a night out (whoops!) I’ve taken to taking spare knickers out with me *just in case*. I’m a dirty stop out, I know!

    On a night out though, I pare down my stuff and use a small cross the body bag for drinks and stuff. I don’t ahve to worry about having free hands, and I get to keep an eye on it, rather than having it stolen. There are gangs in London that totally hawk for designer bags, and anything that looks like it might be one!

    4) yr Cath Kitson bag is way kyot, I have a similar one I use for dance occasionaly. But as for size v functionality, I can’t suggest anywhere in your neck of the woods that’d work. However, I totally should send you a bag from the UK (with some dry shampoo!). Email me!!

  • Reply Airak March 24, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    1) How many bags do you have? I use an average of 6 bags in a month.

    2) What’s in your bag?

    Make up kit (cheek tint, pressed powder+brush, lip gloss, compact mirror, extra pads, cologne, hair tie, Holy Seat, and comb)
    2 small Yeah notebooks (planner and notes)
    Pencil case filled with all sorts of pens (because I am OC when it comes to pens, papers, and penmanship)
    Wicked by Gregory Maguire
    My passport and my husband’s (I have no idea why it’s there)
    Cell phone

    3) How often do you change purses? For work, weekly. For days and nights out on weekends, everytime.

    4) Do you know where I can get cute bags that are big enough to fit all my things? :)

    Egg in Megamall is a nice place where you can get different sizes of bags bags with great designs and are priced reasonably (Their bags start at P500). Harajuku Lovers in Rustan’s Department Stores also have nice huge bags that have interesting designs, but are very pricey (about 3k and above).


  • Reply Ela March 24, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    I have around six bags.

    Books, a notebook, pens, powder, comb, money, and souvenirs of vices: cigs, a cap from a bottle of gin, and a condom. Kulang ko na lang eh drugs.

    Almost never. Am too lazy. I only switch if I need a smaller/bigger bag.

    I don’t know where to buy bags because I don’t like the stuff I see in department stores (Cose, Heartstrings lololol). But the huge bag I’m using now is from Artwork.

  • Reply Whats In The Pocketses « JohnSteven March 24, 2011 at 10:58 pm

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  • Reply John Steven March 24, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Posted my answer on my blog in response. :)

  • Reply Yssabel March 24, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    1. I have quite a number of bags since I’ve always been a bag person, although (as of the moment), I’ve been interchanging from four different bags depending on my outfit for the day.

    2. Wallet, coin purse, work/company ID, two notebooks (a planner, and for notes), make up kit (mirror, mascara, gel liner, eyeliner, brushes, eyelash curler, blush on, lip balm, mirror, and a nailcutter), another kit (baby wipes, mouthwash, toothpick, lotion, alcohol, sanitary napkin), a roll of tissue, a pen, keys, iTouch and earphones inside a case, and cellphones.

    3. I change almost, always DAILY. Like I said, it depends on my outfit :)

    4. UK! I probably have 4 pieces from the UK. Promod and Topshop always, always catches my attention, most especially the latter. Bags from Rustans, too. You can try when they go on sale, prices SOMETIMES drop up to 50%! :)

  • Reply freul March 25, 2011 at 1:25 am

    1) I have less than 5 bags. I only use one for everyday, the others I use for other occassions (sleepovers, formal events, etc.). I have a tendency to get attached to the one I like most and neglect the others. :/

    2) Keys, card holder, coin purse, pen, pencil, notepad, phone, camera, a chocolate bar, lotion, lip gloss, hair ties, comb, flash drive.

    3) Almost never. When I get too lazy to change bags, I just leave everything in the car.

    4) My favorite bags are from Guess and Celine.

  • Reply Melissa March 25, 2011 at 3:49 am

    Ihave a bunch of bags but really only switch between sling and shoulder or black and brown.

  • Reply Rea March 25, 2011 at 4:43 am

    1. i have a heap of bags mostly over-the-shoulder ones.
    2. camera, wallet-ish (atm card holder used as wallet), keys, hand sanitizer, umbrella
    3. when it’s 4-5 shades darker or when it gets stained. hahahaha
    4. thrift shops, online stores at multiply?

  • Reply Janine March 25, 2011 at 9:47 am

    I have several bags and switch them depending on my mood. Now I use a diaper bag almost exclusively – It’s huge and I love the style so it makes no sense to carry a purse too – but on the off chance that I go out sans baby, I try to mix it up. I always have my eye out for secondhand bags and I really want a spendy it girl bag eventually!

    I love my Matt & Nat bag and I know they make really big, quality bags that could hold all of your shit. And they’re vegan!

    I’ve been meaning to do a what’s-in-my-bag post. The day I get a good camera will be the day I start blogging daily. Serious.

  • Reply Kara March 25, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Helga, I found sturdy bags at Regatta the other day. They are big and cute canvass bags but not as brite as your red polkadots but they will do well. They are at 70% off. SM Fairview though…

  • Reply Really Amazing March 25, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    1) How many bags do you have?
    I actually have a lot but once I get a hang on to a favorite, I get to use one bag continuously until I realize it’s shredding apart because of constant use (I kid you not)

    I adore Our Tribe bags because they are sturdy, costs more than your department store bags but easily the most reliable bag in the world! (I overreact). But I used one bag that was in the family, it was 15 years old until it just went to bag heaven.

    2) What’s in your bag?

    Non-negotiables: Wet tissues, tissue, lip balm. Everything else vary.

    3) How often do you change purses?

    Not often. Sometimes, 4 times a year (I know, I know!)

    4) Do you know where I can get cute bags that are big enough to fit all my things? :)

    Definitely Our Tribe! Sturdy and big. Cute? Na-uh, not Our Tribe. But why not try going to Marikina? I once went there to take photos of shoemakers and I end up hoarding on shoes and bags at various outlet stores (a.k.a their old bodegas). Those are all import-ready bags, do check it out.

  • Reply Justine March 25, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    1) Around 60 but I keep only about 20 in my room. Giving away a chunk of these to my cousins when I go home to the Philippines this month (to make room for new ones of course haha).

    2) Right now: makeup bag, pencase, phone charger, 2 phones, a monologue diary by because it’s cheap and looks like a moleskine, bath & body works pocketbac sanitizer, medicine purse, wallet, comb, hairpins, hair-ties, hairclips, hairband, lots of things for the hair haha, card holder pretty much that. Oh and a lighter.

    3) I change every few months. I have this thing about buying bags then using them for the longest time and hardly change then after that I don’t really use them anymore. But on weekends I always go with something small because I only carry phone wallet etc. Unless they’re designer.

    4) My everyday bag is Charles & Keith, they’re really affordable and sturdy but of course they’re not cute. Usually they’re mama bags lol. Zara and Pull & Bear also have nice bags. There’s always Kate Spade and Forever 21 loooove bags from F21 :)

  • Reply Jayrin March 25, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    I have around 6-8 bags and I switch it up depending on the outfit I’m wearing or the mood I’m in. I’m still in school so mostly I keep school things in there. And when I get really lazy I just dump the contents of one bag to another. Ha! :) I can’t believe you stick to one bag aaaand it’s red! I have a red bag too but it doesn’t go well with all my outfits. How do you deal with that dilemma?

  • Reply Amanda March 25, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Cute! You have a lunch container! hihi

  • Reply Barny March 25, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    A book on screenwriting
    A sharpie
    Black sign pen
    Red sign pen
    Hand sanitizer
    Calling cards
    A glow-in-the-dark condom
    Flash drive slash ID lanyard
    Company ID
    Eye dropper
    A small black planner
    Marlboro Black Menthol
    A pad of post-its
    Coin purse, wallet, blah blah

    I’d take a picture but it don’t look so appealing to me

  • Reply tiff March 28, 2011 at 9:23 am

    Hehe I really don’t think there’s a standard you have to meet to be a girl, but I guess there is this gender stereotype that we’re very materialistic and emotional all the time.

    As for the questions…

    -I have about four bags total, but I usually wear them for school so I can carry my textbooks. Outside of school, I only carry my wallet.
    -Mainly textbooks, wallet and a water bottle are usually in my bag when I go to school
    -Funny enough, I usually go to anime shops at the mall where they have cute “anime” bags that can fit my whole life in there. Otherwise, I carry Betseyville/Betsey Johnson bags.

  • Reply kettle March 28, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    “There are some things I fail at as a girl: getting weekly pedicures, actually getting manicures (such pretty things are wasted on me), having emotions, and owning the required number of bags.”

    – same here i usually don’t go to a nail spa (or even a “cheap” manicurista) every week, even every month! :) But, I’m “emo” (i think so, hehe!), and i have quite a number of bags (dated way back in high school, meaning mostly backpack. I have “girl” bags, though, but most of them were really not the type of “girl” bags)

    for your questions:

    1) How many bags do you have? uhm, i don’t count them but (approximately) i have 18 bags and many others (if only i’ll have a chance, and you are interested to see my bags, i’ll send you a picture of them :))

    2) What’s in your bag? i’m using a bench backpack now. ang laman: kikay kit, umbrella, cellphone, notebook, “planner”, usb-charger, company id w/ mirror(as bling-bling) :D, handkerchief (2), shawl (instead of a jacket), coin purse, and a bi-fold wallet, ballpen and a lighter (i REALLY don’t smoke, i just like to have one. :))

    3) How often do you change purses? actually, it’s only now that i really used a coin purse, i usually put my coins in my bag’s pocket.

    4) Do you know where I can get cute bags that are big enough to fit all my things? you can try at egg in megamall, or clippers (the only branch i know is in festival supermall, alabang. mostly, they really have cute products! mostly, japan-themed :D), or in robinsons and sm malls (try MOA, the children’s section have the range of cutest bags, only, the size are quite small, but you can still find bags that can fit your stuffs and still look cute)

  • Reply Kelsey March 29, 2011 at 11:23 am

    1) How many bags do you have? Idk, I usually give them to my sister or they eventually break. Probably about 5 just sitting in my closet atm.
    2) What’s in your bag? I have a calculator, pens/pencils, scheduler, tissues, bandaids, lotion, chapstick, lighter, and my wallet. That’s all I remember from the top of my head.
    3) How often do you change purses? Probably around once a year. Usually right before school starts. With new clothes, new everything. =]
    4) Do you know where I can get cute bags that are big enough to fit all my things? I have a prett big bag that I got for $16 at “Forman Mills” and I had another big bag from American Eagle which I got when I was in New York City.

  • Reply abbee March 31, 2011 at 3:47 am

    1) How many bags do you have?

    Currently, 3. 2 red, 1 gold. 2 hobo bags, 1 duffel. Everything else I have are all worn out. All in all, I have 3 dozen bags, & only 3 left are in good shape.

    2) What’s in your bag?

    I’m an astrology nut, so I have a couple of astrology books. I also have my outdated phones, my PSP, 2 pouches filled with organic sprays & balms & mouthwash), my broken blue metallic comb (which I’ll replace this week), wooden chopsticks, techpens, yellow highlighter for my books, a bottle of my everyday scent (Bella Bella No. 3), my digicam that isn’t good for night photography, a tarot deck (or 3), wallet, cardholder, coin purse from Yadu (yeah, I’ll get more bags from them soon), & umbrella (but sometimes I’m too lazy to lug this around).

    3) How often do you change purses?

    Depends on my mood. Right now I had to because my red duffel bag had its zipper replaced.

    4) Do you know where I can get cute bags that are big enough to fit all my things? :)

    Mango’s sturdy somewhat. F21. Aldo. Nike, hehe. Sometimes I just rely on what my mom gives me. I like my bags soft & slouchy.

  • Reply abbee March 31, 2011 at 3:51 am

    I get my nails done often, & I’m a walking jumble of emotions. But I don’t wear makeup & I don’t even care about what I wear anymore. I just throw in a shirt, a pair of shorts to show off my cellulite, & flip-flops. Gah.

  • Reply bingkoi April 2, 2011 at 10:51 am

    1) How many bags do you have?
    10 bags

    2) What’s in your bag?
    umbrella, coin purse, keys, cellphone, bag organizer (lipstick, blush-on, mascara, eyeliner, myra e sunblock, cologne, foot spray, garnier eye bag lightening,etc) and hello kitty water jug.

    3) How often do you change purses?
    twice a year.

    4) Do you know where I can get cute bags that are big enough to fit all my things? :)


  • Reply Harry Simmelink August 16, 2012 at 7:20 am

    Hi, can anyone able to recommend on a good way to get the cateye look with eyeliner? Thank-you

  • Reply ICARUS October 19, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    1. 4 bags..and they’re all black and made of leather! 2 huge leather tote bags for work (using only 1 all the time because I tend to forget some things when I switch bags) 1 small leather sling bag for malling and 1 for sleepovers.
    2. I’m a heavy packer so: wallet, coin purse,lip balm, hair ties, umbrella, mint, lightweight parka, tissue, wet wipes, mirror, water bottle, hand lotion, loose powder, body mist, foot spray, nail clipper, comb, small mouthwash, medicine, band aids, katinko( when I get dizzy), cellphone, earphones and oil control film.
    3. I only have 4 bags, each bought with a specific purpose…so never.
    4. Not into cute bags but these might help: Cath Kidston, Harajuku Lovers, Oilily, Laura Ashley, Sanrio, canvas tote bags from Typo and Fullybooked, some Herschel and Jansport bags have cute prints for backpacks

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