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Links, Here and There: More DIY Ideas

Photo from Honestly WTF.

A Pair and A Spare’s DIY AW11 Balmain Inspired Mini. I would seriously love to attempt this but just seeing how complicated it looks intimidates me! I suck.

Craft Medley’s Breezy Maxi Skirt and Hanging Hoop Fabric Art. I need more maxi skirts in my closet.

Studs and Pearls’s DIY: Rhinestone Multi-Finger Ring.

Mich L. in L.A.’s computer keys necklace and no-tools needed vintage faucet pendants/necklace. Love love love the faucet one!

Honestly… WTF’s Woven Chain Bracelet. They seriously have the best DIYs.

Chic Steals’s Flowered Hair Clip. So simple and pretty.

(Yesterday, I decided to ditch my old Google Reader account and start anew rather than de-clutter/delete un-updated blogs/re-organize. I feel… relieved, much like that feeling after doing a data backup lulz. I hope to keep this Reader account tidy and organized!)

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