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Livestrong, Working Out, Tracking What I Eat

I know, I know— it seems like every month (or every other month), I write about my resolution to eat better, to exercise constantly, and to work myself towards being a HPOA. This time, though, I AM SERIOUS!

Last week, I talked about quitting rice. Save for cheat days (weekends, never more than a cup of rice), I’ve been successful so far. It’s tough and unnatural and the smell of cooked rice alone has my senses going crazy. I think I might have to get rid of my cheat days just so I can stop craving for it.

Yesterday, I signed up for a Livestrong account. It’s been months since I touched the calorie counter app I have on my phone and I am hoping I don’t tire of updating my food diary. Last night, while reviewing what I ate, I realized that I had ZERO FIBER. My protein intake is good, as I am always mindful of this but I need to start including fruit, veggies, and whole-grain cereal in my diet!

Yesterday’s food log.

I have been working out. On Monday, I did 300 squats, 100 jacks, and 100 side crunches. I gave my legs “a rest” last night to do The 100 Workout. BOY, AM IN PAIN TODAY (I also overextended my left arm while doing jacks so that arm is kind of injured right now).

Truthfully, I was feeling lazy and had planned on just walking from the bus stop at Kamias all the way to my apartment in Anonas but the air pollution and the fear of getting mugged held me back. I honestly think that if the MMDA wants to “transform Metro Manila into a smoke-free, healthy, and progressive community”, they should focus first on decongesting our roads. I would love to be able to bike or walk to and from work but breathing in all that exhaust and smoke will probably kill me faster than I can say “Isang kaha nga po ng Marlboro Reds.”

My biggest challenge is quitting alcohol/beer, which is a must if I want to streamline my diet. So far, though, I think I’m doing okay. Every night, I’ll be asking myself “What did I eat today and how can I improve on it?” Right now, I’m a little obsessed with Livestrong and checking the nutrition facts of everything I think of eating; I hope this obsession lasts more than a week.

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  • Reply Ruthie June 18, 2011 at 5:32 am

    I’m actually doing the same thing now! I’m using Lose It app lang haha. Ma-try nga ang Livestrong. I’m on my third day of The Game On diet. I wouldn’t be eating right and exercising and changing my habits if not for the Game! If you’re competitive, check it out :D

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