Yesterday, The Wake Up Show invited Nuffnang to guest on their show and since I’m Nuffnang Philippines’s blogger of the month, they asked me to tag along with Trixie (has anyone seen the Temptation Island remake? She’s there.)! Fun fact!: The last time I was on radio was in 2004, when friends and I hijacked a local radio station’s phone interview with Taylor Hanson. We each got to ask him one question!

It was raining super hard that morning and silly me took the wrong ride to the bus stop. I ended up getting down at Nepa Q Mart (a wet and dry market, for those who aren’t from the Philippines) which smelled like all sorts of ass and crap; I couldn’t walk fast enough to get to the other side of the highway. Good thing I wore my 80%20 Adair boots so I had no second thoughts plowing past people gingerly stepping over brown puddles, trying not to get their flip-flopped feet wet.

Thrifted top, DIY denim cut-offs, cardigan from SM Department Store, 80%20 Adair Hidden Wedge Hiking Boot.

I love these boots! They are so comfortable despite the heel and are perfect for walking. When I got them early this year, I joked that I would wear them 83 times to bring their cost-per-wear to a dollar. I don’t wear them enough!