I am having a horrible day and I want nothing more than to shut off my work computer, pack my stuff, grab a Garden Burger, and then head to Moonleaf Tea for some comfort, well, tea. I’m still off processed sugar (though I gave in and had Bread Talk last Friday night) but for Moonleaf, I will make an exception!

Here are repetitive photos of today’s outfit. I’m getting off my blog now because I might not be able to keep my misery to myself lol. If I had a wii guitar, it would be smashed to pieces right now. To top off this stressful day, I still have to pass by Watson’s to return something I bought yesterday. They better replace it!

Can you guess what I was playing on my phone?

And here is a gif of me being cute or annoying, depending on how you feel about people who make gifs of themselves. Personally, I find it annoying but I’ll still do it!