These are photos from last week that I neglected to post. Nothing fancy, just me in my DIY ombre cut-offs, my mom’s Vans (I never wear sneakers or skate shoes in public but I’ve taken a liking to this pair), and the CUTEST SWEATER I OWN. It’s a little beat up but look— KITTIES!


I had a nice, little weekend that consisted of tattoos, an underage girl, an underage girl getting a tattoo (it’s the Philippines, it’s no big deal!), milk tea, lots of beer, an discussion over the correct spelling of “yucky”, “though the sunroof”, planning the most offensive parties we could possibly have, kabab, the best potato cutlet in existence, Game of Thrones, Hannah Montana, auto title loans online, and lots of bread.

Can’t wait for the next weekend; the weekdays are making me miserable.