Wow, my first TILT for the month of August! I am really bad at this.

These photos by Arthur Shatz of high school fashions in 1969 from the Life Magazine photo archive. I saw these last night (click for more) and couldn’t help but feel an insane longing to have been part of that era. Meanwhile, here is a photo of my high school class taken during our junior year Ilocos trip. I blurred out my classmates but there I am in my awkward high school glory. Good thing you can’t really see me, heh, but you can kind of make out what I’m wearing.

(I still miss and will always love the 90s, though.)

When love is conditional: I Love You But…

The Daily Maru Tumblr. I’m pretty sure everyone knows who Maru is!

These sequined track shorts from Free People, in doeskin/gold! Those boots, too, if my legs were long enough.

Chumbos! I read Trixie‘s entry about this new snack the other day and made a mental note to try it out. It is DERISHUS!!! I shall be getting another bag (or two) later.

Looking at steel buildings in canada. Just because.

Waking up next to my Cowpuppy ♥♥♥

My dad will be taking him back this Sunday but he’ll be shuttling back and forth my folks’s and my apartment with my mom. I’ve already kind of accepted that I won’t be seeing him for the next ~two weeks. I just hope he doesn’t forget me!

That’s it for this week! Let me end this blog entry with today’s to-do list:

It looks like I’m not gonna get everything done today. It’s already 3pm and I’m just about to cross off #1. I am definitely not looking forward to #2, heh. Just gotta suck it up and do what ya gotta do!