Once upon a time, I had normal skin. Not dry, not oily, not combination— just plain and lucky normal. I never needed to blot with oil control sheets; I actually felt like I was missing out on this seemingly normal girl thing that everytime my friends brought out their packets of Clean and Clear oil control film, I would still ask for one. Having nothing to blot out, I would put the blue sheet against my nose and squeeze out the oil. I found that incredibly satisfying.

Then my sebaceous glands decided to be extra-sipag and now I have too much oil. And believe it or not, I only started noticing it last year. I guess I wasn’t used to having oily skin so it went by unnoticed for a while. And while we’re talking about my being oblivious to matters of my face: I also never cared about my acidic skin until a few months ago when I ran into a friend’s dad and he asked if I had gone to the beach because I looked tan.

Since then, I’ve been extra conscious about the foundation I use. I immediately ditched the Fanny Serrano two-way cake I was using because I had it in the wrong shade and it did nothing for oil control. For a while, I swore by Human Nature’s foundation from their Love Minerals line but I’m currently on my third pan and I’ve noticed that it hasn’t been working as well as it used to (oil control-wise). Last September, I bought Sephora’s mattifying foundation but I noticed lately that it only really works on me on non-humid days. That’s not right.

Last week, I asked around for foundation suggestions. Ginnil tweeted me about Palladio Rice Powder (one of my former housemates used to use this and I never thought much of it), available at Beauty Bar for PHP325. I googled the brand and found a handful of good reviews for their Wet and Dry Foundation on Makeupalley. Beauty Bar carried it, too, and I wasted no time trying it out.

Palladio Wet and Dry Foundation in Laurel Nude. Color is probably more accurate here.

If I recall correctly, this foundation only comes in six shades and Laurel Nude is the lightest. I am not a Laurel Nude but my skin is acidic so I have to go a shade lighter for when it oxidizes.

What I Like About It:
-Great coverage when applied wet or dry.
-Light and oil-free.
-Today is Day 3 of using it (on top of Neutrogena Hydro Gel, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Essence, and iWhite Makeup Base) and I can go six hours before having to blot. I’m curious as to how it will fare when I start using Beach Hut SPF65 (I’m currently out) again (or attend a barbados wedding lulz).
-Doesn’t transfer to oil control sheet when blotting.
-Goes on smoothly.

What I Don’t Like About It:
-Overpriced at 725PHP (roughly 17USD), since I bought it from Beauty Bar. It normally retails for 8-9USD.
-Makes me look pasty when applied wet but this is because it’s a shade lighter than my skin tone.
-Makes my skin look a bit dull (or maybe that’s just my skin *CRIES*).
-Separate compartment for the sponge but the mirror is still on the back of the top lid so the mirror still gets dusty with powder.

Will I re-purchase? Not at 725PHP, no.