2009 was the year of my Project 365. 2010 was the year of my trying to get back into blogging. 2011 was the year of my hair.

My hair adventures will most likely continue until the day I die my youth dies (or when all my hair falls off) because there’s still a whole bunch of colors out there I haven’t tried. As soon as I get a little extra money (the first quarter of this year is going to be AMAZING but oh, how it burns my pockets), I’m putting in an order for some blue, green, and purple Special Effects dye. I can’t wait!

I’ve been meaning to recap all the hairstyles I had for 2011. I actually did it back in September, on my Tumblr, but I’d rather have a somewhat more comprehensive account of it here. If you regularly keep up with me on the internet (thank you, by the way :3), you’ve probably already seen these photos. Let us begin!

I started the year looking like this:

I absolutely loved this color on me and how it looked like my hair shone (the result of a DIY patchy bleach job).

And then I bought a box of cheap ass purple dye from the neighborhood supermarket/department store:

I didn’t like this much and after two weeks, the dark purple thankfully faded:

By this time, I was impatiently waiting for my order for four different shades of Special Effects dye to get here. After nearly a month of waiting, I gave up hope and accepted that it must have gotten lost in the mail. Bye-bye ~60USD and all my hopes and dreams. :(

So I bought a box of red dye (I can’t recall if it was copper or auburn):

LOL circle lenses. Not a good look.

It must be a box dye thing but that stuff fades real fast.

And then joy of joys, my Special Effects order arrived less than a week later. I bleached my hair again and dyed it Candy Apple Red:

I had to use this photo, of course.

In May, I decided to shave the side of my head. Unfortunately, the stylist at Azta botched it up. Ironically, one of the posters decorating the Katipunan salon featured a woman with a proper side-shaved/half-shaved head. I even told the stylist that that was the look I was going for yet he still shaved a bit too high.

That same night, I bleached the shaved side and the top of my head and sported what I call my “tequila sunrise hair.”

Photoshopped my eye… basically used someone else’s iris.

On my birthday (May 31), I decided to dye my hair with Special Effects’ Burgundy Wine. None of the photos I took throughout this phase ever captured the color accurately. It had a lot of purples, in real life.

TBH, I wasn’t a fan of this color.

The good thing about Burgundy Wine is that it faded to a pretty pink after being bleached:

Did you know how hard it is to get red out of your hair? I decided to go full-on blonde and bleached and ghetto-toned my hair (using light gray dye) but the red wouldn’t budge; it only faded to a weird dark/muddy blonde. My hair was also such a mess! It was gummy and fried so I decided to chop off the ends:

It wasn’t enough. My hair was still giving me grief and I had no time to go for weekly hot oils. So I chopped off more!

The blonde pixie remains to be my favorite hairstyle EVER. I had also ordered proper blonde toner so I didn’t have to keep bleaching everytime my hair started getting brassy (LOL my life, I know).

I have been wanting pink hair since 2010, when I bought two jars of La Riche Directions in Pastel Pink. Unfortunately, my just-bleached hair wasn’t light enough when I first attempted it. Fast-forward to a year later and I finally had light, blonde hair (that was platinum when freshly-toned, yay!).

I ended up with ugly, peach hair:

It only looked like I didn’t know how to tone! After a week, I bleached it again (I am obsessed, okay) and toned the hell out of it.

Back to blonde!:

Lilac streaks after leaving the toner in for too long.

A reflection of my maturity.

Shortly after coming back from Malaysia, I decided to do one last change before the year ended. Out of the four bottles of SFX, I still haven’t tried Cherry Bomb and Blood Red. After a few hours of thinking about it, I went with Cherry Bomb diluted in lots of white conditioner (to tame the color):

Hungover and unshowered pic for the lulz.

Needs moar duck lips.

And here are a few photos that my friend snapped of me on New Year’s:

The funny thing about my New Year’s is that my drunkenness creeped up on me. One minute, I felt fine and in control and then two days later, I’m looking at photos on my camera from the same place where I felt fine and in control and wondering when and how they were taken. Patrowned?

I am enjoying the pink but I also miss the blonde. I’m also unsure if I want to keep my hair short or grow it out. I have such big problems.