On Saturday, a bunch of us went over to Klassy‘s place to make props for her and Eric‘s wedding (happening this Saturday!!!). The two of them are actually already husband and wife but they are renewing their vows in the presence of friends and family from the US and the Philippines. I am super stoked to be a bridesmaid!

(All but two of the following photos were taken from Klassy‘s instagram feed. I preferred using Photobooth to document the night and you can see them on my Tumblr.)

Sweet Valley Twins and The Baby-Sitters Club + more! Basically, our childhood. Tearing said books apart. Hello, I am an SVT cover girl. Holding up flaglets. 1BRUCE1!

More flaglets and totally ironic peace signs. MMMBop! Sanya spent half an hour working on this, while the rest of us were eating dinner. Real Chinese factory worker work ethic right there, yo. So proud of her. Hot or Not???

Not even half of the flaglets we made. We had so much fun thinking up stuff to write on them! Joaqui the Champ. Cover girl and boy. WILD AT HEART

So excited for Saturday! Granted, I still have so much to do like pick up my dress and buy shoes and accessories.