For the most part, I am not a huge fan of weddings. I think this is mostly due to my aversion to The Church, priests, and their sermons Catholicism (or more accurately, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and their own brand of corruption, hypocrisy, and backwardness) and it’s a norm for Filipinos to have church weddings. Come to think of it— I don’t think I’ve ever attended one that wasn’t held in a church.

Fortunately, my friends Klassy and Eric— besides being made of amazing— are also against everything that the CBCP stands for. Still, had they opted for a Catholic church wedding, I’d still have been there because you love your bestest friends unconditionally (even if they don’t know to use “FOOL!” properly.)

Enough of that.

Unsurprisingly, their wedding was MEGA ADORABLE and totally them (I also got to yell out “MAZEL TOV!” in context). If I were to sum up the affair in one hip, trendy, made-up— word, I’d say it was instagrammable (click to see Klassy’s instagram feed). I loved every single detail.

Sanya and the sweets table. Her dress was designed by Santi Obcenia.

Misha in his red bowtie. Groomsmen wore khakis, suspenders, and bowties. CUTE!



The groom looking very groomy.

The couple after the ceremony.

~+*+~WE MADE A SIGN!~+*+~

Just in case you guys didn’t know, I met Klassy and Sanya on the old Hansonline boards over a decade ago.

Joaqui as Hard Gay. Shame my 50mm left his gloves/hands out.

What team are you on?!

Instead of having a guestbook, Klassy and Eric had a mailbox and a pile of postcards for us to write them messages on.

Menu card. Click for full-view of the back. Did you get the references?

Macarons, Skitbooks, a Zombie, and wedding souvenirs (the teabags!).

Sam‘s nail.

Our table number and name. We had to make up a story based on our name (The Zombie Marathon).

Eric and Klabby dancing to What A Diff’rence A Day Makes for their first dance ♥

THE CAKE! Neil himself loved it, of course!

With Anj, Klassy’s cousin and bridesmaid.

Riese, Klassy’s equally beautiful sister and maid of honor.

I love Klassy’s veil! DIY-ed by Jane (who is so cute!), her mom-in-law.

Lauren on da danceflo~

Taking a break from being drunk bridesmaids. That’s Klassy’s mom in green!

Skitbooks were really fun!

I am confident that Klassy and Eric are going to live a long, charmed life together. So glad these two found each other. ♥♥♥