Talk about SUPER LATE! I have been so caught up on other things that I haven’t had the time to focus on this blog. Blogging isn’t even on today’s agenda but I’m taking a quick break from work to go through my drafts. I don’t even deserve a break considering I’ve mainly been faffing around online instead of ticking off stuff on today’s to-do list. I’m feeling very irresponsible going off-course because I told myself I will really focus on important, money-making activities this year. I wanna be rich enough to afford, IDK, gold bars at Golden Eagle! Heh. Instead, I’ve been going through lulzy stuff over at SF_Drama.

Anyway, here’s my long overdue post about our third day in Malaysia last December. You can read about Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

I woke up on Sunday to this mess:

Kaith sleeping.

All those clothes? Mine. I become really messy and disorganized when I’m strapped for time. Unsurprisingly, my apartment couch kind of looks like that right now.

Drink stubs from the previous night. Everyone gives me theirs!

A bunch of us (The Googlygooeys, Abe, Allan, Camille, and Mike) missed signing up for the hotel shuttle going to Kuala Lumpur so we hired a van to take us there. The guys dropped us girls off at Pavilion before they headed for Plaza Low Yat to shop for gadgets.

With the Philippine buddy bear!


I miss Tippy!

Pavilion is just a regular shopping mall so it was pointless to take photos in there. Around 5pm, the guys picked up Tippy and I to head to Putra Mosque all the way back in Putrajaya. We were kind of rushing because they wanted to get there by 630pm. I was a little torn between wanting to shop some more and doing tourist-y stuff/taking photos. In the end, I was glad I picked the latter.

Love how Tippy made me look taller!

Can’t say the same about me, though =/

We took these while waiting for the guys to come back from taking their own photos. After a few minutes, we decided to look for food because we were starving (hadn’t had a proper meal since the hotel breakfast buffet). I had boring mee goreng and chicken rice (yup, two meals!) while Pong had this intense meal:

Quail, prawn, and… I forgot what else.

Crappy photo because I used my phone. That prawn was 25RM! Five times more than what I paid for my chicken rice meal lol.

After our very hearty meals, we went to the viewing deck so we could start taking photos of Wawasan Bridge and the structures nearby. Thanks to Pong (“Konting dilim pa, masyado pa maliwanag, hintay pa.”), I was able to snap some decent pictures!

While the guys took the long walk to the Iron Mosque, Tippy and I decided to do some last-minute shopping at Alamanda. It’s worth writing that we got lost THREE TIMES looking for two bus stops that would take us there. We were getting worried because not a lot of cabs were passing by Putra Square and though the very nice man at the tourist center phoned one for us, he said they couldn’t assure a cab could come and get us. In the end, Tippy sprinted towards a teksi that dropped off two tourists at the mosque. Lucky!

This is the last of my blog posts about the NAPBAS held last year. On Thursday, I fly out to Singapore for six days and I’m thinking of taking a train to Kuala Lumpur (since I missed out on shopping at Sungei Wang Plaza) if time and budget permit. Crossing my fingers!