Hanson Manila

Photo by Kris Rocha

I just had the most surreal half-week of my life. I can’t wait to sit back, finally absorb everything, and get to blogging about it but I also have a huge backlog of work to go through. While I would rather write about the past four days while it’s still fresh on my mind, my love for Hanson will not pay the bills so this quick entry/giveaway will have to do for now.

This unbelievable experience would not have been possible without the lovely folks over at Dayly Entertainment (they are bringing in Lifehouse on May 26!). I know not a lot of fans were as fortunate as my friends and I were and that there are a handful who weren’t able to make it to both album signings. I did. And now I have two signed copies of Shout It Out!

Shout It Out

I guess this is my little way of paying it forward: comment on this blog entry with your favorite Hanson song for a shot at winning this signed copy. Ideally, I’d like the winner to be someone who was not able to get his or her own CD signed, but I have no way of checking so LOL. This is the Philippine release— the print isn’t as good as the US release; the colors are a bit washed out and some images are kinda blurry… but hey, it’s still a signed copy!

-Comment on or before April 10, 2012 (Tuesday)
-Philippine residents only