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A Welcome Addition To My Skin Care Routine: Nourishing Night Oil

I am obsessed with skin care. I think it’s my way of making up for lost time (i.e. I only started wearing sunscreen on my face a year ago!) and my bad habits so I always make an effort to nourish and care for my skin. It is the largest organ of our body, after all, so we really need to take care of it!

A while ago, I blogged about how my skin type changed from normal to oily without my noticing. For a time, I was misguided and started skipping moisturizer and using harsh soaps on my face to strip off all the oil, thinking that that was the reason behind my overactive sebaceous glands. Obviously, this was a mistake and you should never ever do that! My skin was dehydrated and producing more oil to make up for it. I finally smartened up, started using a water-based moisturizer, and switched to makeup meant for oily skin… and what a difference it made! On a good day, I can last without having to blot at all.

Last week, I attended the launch of Mega We Care‘s Nourishing Night Oil at Blue Water Day Spa in Ortigas Avenue. You guys might already be familiar with the company; they’re the ones behind Enat 400 (the purest Vitamin E softgels in the market), Pynocare (softgels that fix discoloration problems and lighten age spots. I need to start taking these!), and Glow (capsules to restore your skin’s radiance and bring out its natural glow; they’re packaged in those purple boxes that I always see at Mercury Drug!). Joining their sizable list of skin care solutions is their dry skin rejuvenator, the Nourishing Night Oil (NNO).

Mega We Care Nourishing Night Oil

To be honest, I’d rather my skin be oily than dry and have it age faster!

What’s special about NNO is that it resembles our natural skin oil. Each softgel capsule contains a mix of vitamin E and jojoba oil, a liquid wax (not actually an oil!) that is structurally and chemically similar to human sebum. This means that NNO basically replenishes the oil our skin loses during the day, when we are most exposed to the sun and other pollutants that wreak havoc on our skin. This is important because our natural oil is what protects, heals, and moisturizes our skin to function properly.

Even though it’s mainly marketed for those with dry skin, it can be used on all skin types. Seriously, even if you have oily skin like I do, don’t pass on this product! I know it could be a bit of a turn off applying oil on already greasy skin but it’s actually beneficial because oil dissolves oil. I did the oil cleanse method briefly a couple of years ago and it actually helped restore my skin’s balance and left my face shine-free (and then I stopped the OCM since it was too much work). And if you have sensitive skin, NNO will work for you, too, because it contains all-natural ingredients and jojoba oil is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-comedogenic.

What I like about Nourishing Night Oil:
-it’s all-natural
-it comes in an applicap so you know exactly how much to use and don’t end up wasting anything
-because it’s stored in an applicap, the product retains its freshness and prevents oxidation
-it’s meant to use at night (when our cells regenerate) so it’s easy to incorporate into your regimen; simply apply after washing your face!
-a little goes a long way. I know the capsules look tiny but it’s actually just right to cover your face and neck with!
-my skin feels soothed and super hydrated right after, especially since this summer heat has been extra harsh on my face
-it’s NOT GREASY AT ALL and is easily absorbed by the skin (since it basically resembles our natural oil). Here’s a photo I took right after applying it on my mug:

Mega We Care Nourishing Night Oil

Look ma, no makeup!

What I don’t like about Nourishing Night Oil:
-breaking the applicap’s tip can take a bit of work (twist and pull)
-it’s not fragrance-free though the scent is clean and pleasant and doesn’t linger

A pack of Nourishing Night Oil contains 30 applicaps (SRP 450PHP) and is available at Mercury Drug and South Star drugstores. You only need to apply one capsule a night. Mega We Care’s study showed that NNO significantly improved skin’s moisture after two weeks of use. They’re on Facebook!

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  • Reply Patricia May 5, 2012 at 2:49 am

    I know you’re being asked this a lot of times but we have the same skin type and if you don’t mind, could you please share your skin care routine? i.e. your facial wash, moisturizer, brand of makeup etc.
    will be much appreciated. thank you!!!!! :D

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  • Reply Pierrine May 29, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    I’m lucky to have oily skin than dry because possible cause of aging is positive. I’ve been using natural organics as skin care because I have sensitive skin. Thus, it is necessary to be vigilant on choosing beauty products to avoid damage of the skin.

  • Reply Al August 4, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Do u kn0w h0w much is enat400 0n mercury drugst0re?

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