I’ve got about a million sad, angsty Alanis Morissette circa Jagged Little Pill-y things I could probably write about explaining the lack of updates on this blog but ya know what? Let’s just skip that. May was my birthday month (it was last Thursday, if you were wondering) and my friends threw me a fake Bushwick slash Williamsburg BK loft surprise party!!! Celebrating your birthday when you have a bad case of the boo-hoos is pretty challenging and I wasn’t interested in doing anything else but watch a bunch of 80s movies in my bed with my sassy cat. However, I felt guilty flaking out on the vague plans I made with Tin and Charles so I put on my big girl panties and headed to Cubao X where they greeted me with cake and stuff. They even made sure You! Me! Dancing! was playing when I walked up the stairs! Ya know, the song that put me in the hospital because I fell off a chair while dancing to it at Tin’s birthday party last year. I wasn’t even wearing heels!

Here are some pictures! Check out the 8-bit Troy Barnes stickers that Elyoo, Tara, and Yasha made for me!

BEST CAKE EVER!!! Sanya‘s labor of love. She only had one pan so she had to bake the rainbow layers one at a time. No wonder she and Misha were the last to arrive at the party ♥♥♥

I wish I had more pictures from that night but Mij was absent and he’s usually the one with enough patience to go around snapping photos of people.

Hopefully, June will be better blog-wise. I have a handful of things to write about and I need to get to them before they become too stale lol.

Photo layout by PuglyPixel.