1. I haven’t posted my new hair yet. Maybe tomorrow. It’s quite pretty, I like it.
2. Checked out the dance studio where Tin takes street dance lessons at.
3. It was a 2-hour class so I dumped the contents of my bag on the floor and took a photo. Wallet, lens cap, keys, disposable razor, broken rings, lipstick, lipgloss, Browhaus brochure, earphones, iPhone, receipts, cigarettes, dry foundation.
4. The trash bin at Ysa’s room at Dusit.
5. Can you guess what book Ysa was reading?
6. Drinking in the bathroom because it was a non-smoking room and because who wants their bed to smell like cigarette smoke?!
7. Tin in the bathtub.
8. Nasty habits.
9. In bed, failing at trying to stay sober for 30 days. Another lifetime, perhaps.