Hay, gurls, hayyyyy.

This will be my hair for the next couple of months as I’m off the bleach until August (at the earliest). I’m obsessed and that’s not good. This month alone, I’ve bleached my hair twice (!!!) (but separate sections) and had to fight off the urge to have a go at it for the third time. I am already dreading the roots but I’ll have to deal wif it, if I want my long hair back.

Colors I used are: Crazy Color Sky Blue (top), Crazy Color Peacock Blue (under and back), Special Effects Candy Apple Red (the purple/violet parts), Crazy Color Lavender, and Crazy Color Lilac. Those last two were used to tone some icky yellow bits and aren’t really visible.

On a more personal note, I’ve been on some sort of life cleanse. Basically, I am trying to be more patient, accepting, positive, and happy. I even started an affirmation notebook so that’s how you know shit is serious! I’m also on-and-off working on a fresh face for the blog (keeping it simple, as usual) and I’m hoping to get rid of this current one by the end of the month.