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Bits and Pieces: Rainy Morning

1. Nothing makes me appreciate the opportunity to work from home more than a cold, rainy day. I would hate having to drag myself out of bed to get to the office on a snuggly day like this ♥
2. Little Miss Freakie sniffing the air.
3. Staryu in her element (or at least close to it).
4. Circles and puddles.
5. Shitty coffee, my favorite mug. Life is too short for instant coffee but I’ve already broken two coffee pots! (And I’m too lazy for a press.)
6. On my table.
7. In a corner.
8. You can’t see it but parts of my hair are turning green. I’ve also been CO-washing (shampoo-free for over a week now) and my hair feels great!
9. This bag is not in its proper place yet it’s still there even after taking this picture.

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