The bottom scar has since been covered with a tattoo.

If I were to base how good a childhood one had on the number of scars amassed during those years, I’d say I had a pretty fantastic childhood. I call them my battle scars and my legs and knees are peppered with them. While I would love to wear all my scars with pride and say that each has its own story worthy of an epic… they really don’t. Most of them are the result of little girl clumsiness. Childhood memory #1: excitedly running out to play with the neighbors and tripping as soon as I’m past our gate, skinning my knees. Childhood memory #2: climbing up a wall and losing my footing, grating my knees and elbows on the hollow blocks. Childhood memory #3: horsing around with my brother and him accidentally scraping a color pen (A COLOR PEN!) a little too hard on my thighs. That left a five-inch scar.

Then there are scars that were a result of being unaware of my surroundings, such as backing up on a hot flat iron propped up on the floor; or drunkenness— of which I have a ton of— like not quite soberly taking a bike for a ride around the UPLB Oval at two in the morning and toppling over as I took a turn (I have a scar on my right foot from that) or drunkenly circling people like a cat, losing my balance and falling hard on my knees (it was an ugly mess for days).

People can be cruel. I remember one instance in high school when a peer was talking about this girl he saw in the jeepney. “Sexy sana pero ang dami niyang peklat sa legs,” he had said. Though it wasn’t directed at me, that comment stung and stayed with me; for years, I hid my legs behind maxi skirts, jeans, and leggings. For a while, I was obsessed with the home TV shopping shows and the scar removers they advertised. After high school, I attended an all-girls college and lived in an exclusive girls dorm and being surrounded by girls with scar-free legs only furthered my insecurities. Once, I asked a friend why she didn’t have any scars and she said it was because her mom made her wear long pants all the time when she was little. I was a bit jealous but at the same time, I thought “Where’s the fun in that?!”

It took a while but I finally came to terms with my scars and not let it deter me from showing skin in public. I was well into my 20s when I finally mustered enough confidence to stop caring about what other people might think and bared my legs— scars and all— to the world. Sounds a little dramatic but it felt pretty good conquering this nearly lifelong insecurity!

Now that I’m an adult and arguably less klutzy, I still have to deal with new wounds and scars thanks to a evil kitten who knows the difference between a scratch mat and my legs… but doesn’t care.

While I’m no longer one to arrange my entire wardrobe around a few scars, I can’t honestly say that they don’t bother me. It doesn’t help that I have the typical Filipina skin tone so they tend stand out more. And while I’m okay with my scars, I’d really prefer not to have more. And just because I’m fine with them, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want them gone!

Lately, I’ve been using Hiruscar to treat the little “love scratches” my baby cat has been giving me.

Hiruscar, the scar solution from Switzerland, is a hypoallergenic non-greasy gel that helps lighten, smoothen, and soften scars on both the face and the body. With its quick absorption rate, application is fast, hassle free, and is ideal for all skin types. It contains six natural ingredients— Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, MPS, Allium Cepa Extract, Allantoin— that penetrate into your skin and helps improve and reduce scar visibility.

Light-weight and non-greasy gel that smells like aloe!

With continuous use, Hiruscar promises to heal the average scar by 93% at the end of 12 weeks (based on a study by Info Focus Company Thailand). It can be used on both depressed and raised (“keloid”) scars caused by surgery, injuries (ahem), accidents (ahem), burns (ahem) as well as scars left by pimples.

It can be applied on existing scars (massage Hiruscar on healed wounds 3-4 times daily) and to prevent scar formation (massage Hiruscar 2-3 on healed wounds times daily) and is an effective solution to new and old scars of less than 2 years of age. However, after googling for reviews, I read that it was effective on acne scars that have been around for over a decade! Continual application will help scars appear less visible, smoother and softer.

To personally test the efficacy of Hiruscar, I’ve been focusing on the following scars:

A kitten scratch and the remnants of my scratching a rash caused by my heat allergies (barely visible but it’s that slight discoloration near my shin).

It’s started to blend in and the discoloration can also barely be seen now.

This 10-year old burn from the flat iron I mentioned a few paragraphs ago (I don’t expect a miracle since it is an old scar but I’m hoping it’ll lighten a bit!).

Hiruscar is available at Mercury Drug, Watsons Pharmacy, and South Star drugstores and comes in 5g tubes (SRP: PHP319) and 20g tubes (SRP: PHP 852). Like the Hiruscar PH Facebook page to learn more about the brand and product.

This is a sponsored post.