1. Stepped inside a Penshoppe store today for the first time in years. I honestly think I haven’t shopped there since I was in high school. All for Zac “Dreamboat” Efron ♥
2. Dead dragonfly! LMF injured this little guy and I had to lock her out of the balcony to give it a chance to survive. (She meowed at me indignantly.)
3. Give a cat a ball of yarn…
4. Man down! Man down! The bow detached during an Outerhope x Ciudad moshpit a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t even ~moshing~, I just stood to the side. Fortunately, a friend found it. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to sew it back on.
5. Hangin’ out.
6. My 50-Peso Project jar, Booster Boycott, Dawn’s Family Feud.
7. Recent reads. Style proved to be very helpful when I edited my closet last month.
8 + 9. My cookie dough princess ♥ The couch is a mess but it’s just been us goilz at home for the last month so I just dump my crap all over it.

PS: Apologies for not announcing the Playtex winners yet! It’s been a little hectic and when shit gets tough, my blog becomes last priority. I’ll pick a winner this week. I swear.