DIY: Yarn and Chain Wrap Bracelet

Well, this only took forever! I posted this early August but never got around to doing the tutorial ’til today.

Anyway, you will need:

You will also need a thin metal stick/rod to help push the yarn through the hex nut (unless you have a larger hex nut!). I use a 2.0mm crochet hook.

The length of yarn depends on how you want your bracelet; I prefer three wraps around my wrist with some room to breathe so each wrap has a gap in between to fill with other stuff (like a second wrap bracelet). I am also very wasteful so I measure 220 inches of yarn (actually, I just take roughly two arms-length worth lol), fold in half, twist to form a rope, and then fold in half again. You can weigh the ends of the yarn down with something heavy like a chair leg (lol) or close a door on it (I use my closet).

String the yarn and chain through the hex nut. This step takes the longest but don’t give up!

Take note of how the strands are laid out: yarn 1, yarn 2, chain.

Since it’s yarn and it’s soft, I find that braiding it the conventional way looks a bit weird. Regular braiding (lol) would probably look better with flat leather cord, like this.

You will only really need to loop the leftmost strand aka yarn 1 through the other two.

Pink yarn on top of green and then under the chain…

Pink yarn over chain and then under the green:

Repeat until you reach the end. You’ll get the hang of it! By the way, I use my big toe to keep the end of the bracelet in place while braiding.

When you’re done braiding, wrap it around your wrist to see if it fits to your little heart’s liking. Adjust as you please and then twist the chain to break off the excess. You can pre-measure your chain but I prefer not to.

Snip off excess yarn and then super glue that shit to the hex nuts.

Attach the clasp to one end with a jump ring and then attach the second jump ring to the other end. You’re done!

Remember to snip first before gluing! I forgot to do that with one end and you can see how it’s not… tidy:

The ~beauty~ of this wrap bracelet is that it can double as a head wrap thing, too! My brother’s girlfriend (whom I owe a bunch of these to) saw them and actually thought they were head accessories.

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    this is cool and pretty. gusto ko rin yung color combination ginamit.

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