My new crochet hook set!

Over a month ago, I re-acquainted myself with crochet because I needed more crafty! in my life. I ordered this 14-piece set from ebay for ~PHP200 and they arrived a couple of days ago. Of course, I haven’t touched any of my crochet projects in weeks, so I’m hoping these pretty little things would motivate me into finishing them.

I was torn between getting a bamboo set and this colorful aluminum one. In the end, I decided on the prettier of the two lol.


The two-piece Chickenjoy of my eyes <3


I started working out again recently and I initially set out with attempt #2 of Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30. But honestly, I found myself ANGRY and RAGEY while doing it because there’s just something about Jillian Michaels that rubs me the wrong way. Even putting her on mute and blasting my workout playlist didn’t help because I still had to look at her face lol.

Enter Cassey Ho! This lady is ah-may-zeeeeng. Granted, a lot of people find her annoying (my bf is one of them) but I really enjoy her workouts and personality. My current favorites are Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge, As Long As You Love Me Love Handle Challenge, POP Cardio Fat Melting Routine, and Bikini Blaster Awesomesauce Arms. I’ve also been doing the Miley Cyrus Ab Workout pictured above but I still struggle with Reach Behinds and Plank Kicks.

Tofu Veggie Fried Rice!

Healthy, delicious, and super easy to make! Anyone with half a brain can do this but if you’re like me, who had to google “how to cook string beans”—

1. Brown some firm tofu (I don’t understand how anyone can not like tofu! It’s the best!) in olive oil and then throw in your choice of vegetables (mine are carrots and string beans).
2. Cook until beans have softened (but not mushy!) and then throw in cooked red rice and soy sauce (or liquid aminos, if you’re fancy).
3. Heat for a couple of minutes, throw in an egg, scramble it quickly, and then turn off the stove.

Ta-da! You could use white rice, I guess, but red or brown are more nutritious and— if the internet is to be trusted— less carby. Or something.

I also like adding cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick. Next time I make this, I’m going to add some grated ginger because you can never go wrong with ginger.

(I stopped Slow Carb this week— thus, the red rice— because I realized I wasn’t getting enough calories and the deficit was making my body go into starvation mode.)

Lola Versus

“I gotta go wash my vagina.”
“What, you never just washed your vagina?”