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Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

From what I know about Kpop, Big Bang is one of the most popular groups. I watched some of their videos and they certainly look fresh and not too cutesy.

Which Galaxy S3 color fits each member?

Leader G-Dragon:

Marble white. He exudes a certain confidence and whenever he changes his look, it is like he’s able to wipe the slate clean and look different each time. Only he can get away with cotton candy colored hair, wearing “man skirts” and whatnot, without looking like a weirdo.

Rapper T.o.p.:

Sapphire Black. When he started looking like he stepped out of GQ, he looked so much like a gentleman. A fine young gentleman who raps— what a strange but lovely combination!


Pebble blue. When I see the color blue, I think of water; the ocean. Taeyang’s moves are always so fluid and his voice so soothing.


Amber brown. Seemingly ordinary until he belts out and sings, even making birit. His voice blows everyone out of the water. You would think brown is a dull color but you’re mistaken— Daesung has a lot to offer! Brown, also because of what fans call Dae’s abs— Chocolate abs!


Garnet Red. The baby of the group has grown up a lot since the group’s debut. His confidence just shines when he is onstage, especially when he shows off his dance moves. The handsome fellow is also quite popular with the ladies.

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