These are photos of Diet Diva meals, so they don’t include all the food I actually ate the past five days. When I got hungry in between meals, I snacked on bananas, raw carrots, and hard-boiled eggs. I didn’t eat the oatmeal cookies included in Day 3, as crackers/biscuits aren’t filling for me and I tried my best to avoid refined sugar this week because it will cause a spike in, umm, blood sugar (???), triggering my sweet tooth and cravings for more food. Dude, IDK I forgot the ~science~ behind it; it’s just something I picked up when I tried Slow-Carb. I am eating them now, though, because Saturday and because chocolate chips. Anyway, I also take my coffee with milk so I’m estimating that I was hitting 1400-1500 calories a day.

Diet Diva Day 2

Diet Diva Philippines

Breakfast: Cheesy tuna pandesal
Lunch: Tuna steak and red rice
Snack: Ripe mango and tea
Dinner: Boiled squash and carrots

Notes: Day 2’s lunch was supposed to be pork adobo but there was a mix-up in the delivery. Kakki offered to send their rider back to exchange the meals but I was fine with having tuna. I eat too much pork (I’m 50% liempo and 50% beer) and not enough fish, anyway.

Diet Diva Day 3

Diet Diva Philippines

Breakfast: Hard-boiled egg and saba
Lunch: Hainanese chicken and red rice
Snack: Oatmeal cookies and tea
Dinner: Mushroom fettuccine

Diet Diva Day 4

Diet Diva Philippines

Breakfast: Oatmeal and apple
Lunch: Sweet and sour fish
Snack: Banana and tea
Dinner: Kamote and sitaw

Diet Diva Day 5

Diet Diva Philippines

Breakfast: Corned beef pandesal
Lunch: Chicken burger with mushroom sauce and red rice
Snack: Boiled saba and tea
Dinner: Green salad with honey mustard dressing

So how much did I lose on Diet Diva?

Four pounds— from 126lbs, I am now 122lbs. No exclamation points because that’s still two pounds over my normal 120lbs and the results aren’t noticeable yet. I’ve signed on for another week and my goal is to hit 115-118lbs. I’m not really big on the scale, though, as I would rather lose fat/inches and gain muscle. Still, I am happy with the results.

What I like most is that I’ve shown myself that I can eat clean/properly and not have a nervous breakdown. No bacon, no liempo, no deep fried chicken, no processed meats, no ice cream, no 3AM McDeliveries etc etc. I almost gave in a few times, telling myself oh, a little can’t hurt. So glad I stuck to my guns!

I guess what really kept me going was this one particular line that goes something like “If you’re hungry but won’t eat vegetables, then you’re just craving.” It’s so true. I’m not fit enough yet to be able to afford to eat whatever I want but hopefully, I’ll get there some day (and soon).