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Find of the Week: My Dressing Room

Oh my lucky stars! While frantically searching online for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, my search keywords led me to this gem of a store— My Dressing Room!

MDR basically offers a handful of basic dress styles that you can customize according to your preferred color, size, and length. It’s perfect if you just need something simple and can’t be bothered to buy your own cloth and scout for a seamstress! Seriously, where was My Dressing Room when I needed a dress for Klassy’s wedding early this year?!

After browsing the styles offered, I settled on a square-neck pleated dress and a scoop-neck swing tank dress.

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Skin Care Made Easier: The Neutrogena Online Store

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an intimate dinner with the Neutrogena Philippines team for the launch of the Neutrogena online store. Finally! I am HUGE on online shopping; this month alone, I’ve spent over PHP5000 (!!!) alone on eBay, Multiply, and other web stores (thank you, 13th month bonus). These days, it takes a lot to coax me into leaving my apartment. I love shopping but I hate dealing with traffic, crowds, and queues so I’m really glad that my favorite skin care brand has made it easier for me.

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December Wishlist

1 – Platypus slippers by Snooki. Isn’t that the creepiest and cutest thing you’ve ever seen?
2 – Round toe thick heel boots from Lovely Shoes. Surprisingly, my boyfriend hates these (!!!) so I put in an order for sensible tall black boots instead. I still want them, though!
3 – Three-layer flip-up sunnies. I ordered a handful of sunnies on eBay recently and came across this pair. It’s stupid expensive, though, for cheap China shit (~900PHP) so I settled for regular Mickey Mouse-style flip-up sunnies.
4 – Velvet skater skirts in red, gray, and navy. Perfect for Christmas but if I order them now, I won’t be getting them ’til January. Perhaps I could put them away for next year.
5 – Nook Simple Touch. Plot twist: my boyfriend bought me one during the Black Friday sale. I just have to get it.
6 – iPhone 4s. Because I refuse to drop a buttload of money on the iPhone 5.
7 – Yarn from Knit Picks. Particularly cotton blends so that I could try my hand at making wearables. In the meantime, I might attempt this Lighthearted Tunic pattern with icky acrylic.

What’s on your wishlist?

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