Oh my lucky stars! While frantically searching online for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, my search keywords led me to this gem of a store— My Dressing Room!

MDR basically offers a handful of basic dress styles that you can customize according to your preferred color, size, and length. It’s perfect if you just need something simple and can’t be bothered to buy your own cloth and scout for a seamstress! Seriously, where was My Dressing Room when I needed a dress for Klassy’s wedding early this year?!

After browsing the styles offered, I settled on a square-neck pleated dress and a scoop-neck swing tank dress.

It only took a couple of hours before My Dressing Room replied to my initial message, where I asked about sizing. All you need to do (after clicking the Buy It Now button) is SMS your details— bust, waist, hips, height, and preferred color. I also asked her to make the neckline a bit lower than usual because of my short neck. Less than a week later, I got my dresses!

I was actually worried because jersey (the material MDR uses) can be a little unforgiving and I was ready to go hard on shapewear. It wasn’t so bad! Of course, these photos I took today are Photoshopped to hell and back because I’m a regular roly-poly.

I love this photo by Joseph Pascual!

I wanted to get the square-neck dress in mint green or lavender but both colors were out of stock. I’m glad I opted for burgundy! It’s very fitting for the holidays.

Both dresses cost PHP998, including shipping.

I’ve asked Pearly (the lady behind My Dressing Room) to let me know when she has mint green and lavender again so I can put in an order for a buttload of dresses. I have my eye on a few more designs and I want them in all sorts of colors!