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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Brought Upon By Myself)


It started with a broken 50mm lens. I had finished taking pictures when I set my camera on the edge of a chair and moved the damn thing without holding on to my camera strap. It fell a good two feet and the 50mm shattered into three pieces. I’m lucky my dSLR came out kinda unscathed. Kinda, because I’ve been having problems with the on/off switch (it turns off on its own even though the dial is set to “on”).

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Lovely Shoes Order #3 aka NEVER AGAIN

I never learn my lesson.

Against my better judgment and once again swayed by the pretty pictures and the cheap prices, I placed my third order with Lovely Shoes a little over two weeks ago (they arrived a few days before Christmas). My last order prior proved to be a bust because these creeper-esque boots thing ended up too tiny as did these boots, while these gave me blisters and these were heavy and uncomfortable (but really cute).

I was doing so well, having gone a year without checking the site until temptation kicked in and I found myself browsing their selection of boots. Originally, I wanted the pink ones I posted in my December Wishlist but my boyfriend hated them and my stupid self was just itching to get new boots. So I did.

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