It started with a broken 50mm lens. I had finished taking pictures when I set my camera on the edge of a chair and moved the damn thing without holding on to my camera strap. It fell a good two feet and the 50mm shattered into three pieces. I’m lucky my dSLR came out kinda unscathed. Kinda, because I’ve been having problems with the on/off switch (it turns off on its own even though the dial is set to “on”).

The 50mm lens was replaced a couple of weeks later with money I intended to use towards a Laneway ticket.

But at least I still have my dSLR.

A few days before Christmas, my ancient iPhone 3G started acting up. Okay, it was mostly Instagram that was being dumb. I couldn’t restart the phone because the on/off button was broken and I didn’t have the patience to wait for the battery to drain (there were kittens waiting to be photographed, OKAY), so I had this genius idea to restore the damn thing.

That did not end well.

After nearly two weeks of waiting, my replacement (an iPhone 4s because LBR, I’m too cheap to get an iPhone 5) is finally in the country; I just have to meet up with my friend to get it and then have it unlocked (I heard it costs PHP8000?!?!) or jailbroken, and possibly change my number. But at least I have a new phone.

January 2, I started coming down with a cold. It turns out it’s the flu because I’ve been sick for over a week now! I’ve mainly been subsisting on soup (and Jollibee delivery heh), spending about twenty hours in bed, rolling around in my germs. Soup + bed? An accident waiting to happen. Sure enough, I ended up spilling piping hot sinigang on the bed, my thigh, and… my laptop.

Montana worked fine for about half an hour before I noticed things weren’t right, with my mouse’s left-click going first. No big deal, let me just restart my mouse. And then I couldn’t type. After several restarts, panic started to set in.

“WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!”, I wailed to my cat who was perched by the window, watching me with big eyes. “FREAKIE!!!”

When my boyfriend woke up an hour later, I bawled to him on Facetime. I cannot begin to describe the anguish I felt LOLZ at having broken what is arguably my most important possession (seeing that I work from home).

“I feel like I lost a family member,” I sobbed to boyfriend.

“You didn’t,” he said.

My mom called after a few minutes to tell me there was a spare laptop in my brother’s room. It’s a Windows machine and the colors are blown out but beggars can’t be choosers!

Yesterday, I brought Montana to Ynzal to see about getting an upper case replacement. I’m lucky that the soup only damaged the keyboard and didn’t reach the logic board or else I’d be 50 shades of fucked. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT SHIT COSTS OVER $1000!!! Unfortunately, the part has to be ordered from Singapore and will take 1-2 weeks to get here.

But at least I still have a working logic board.

It’s going to cost me a pretty penny (I’m expecting to shell out around 10K but I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be less), totally obliterating all hopes of seeing Japandroids at Laneway.

But at least I’m still going to Big Night Out.