My life these days basically revolve around work, stressing about losing weight, cats, and iPhone apps.

1. Meitu used with Afterglow (my current favorite!) = looking good facially.
2. My darling baby cat sleeping where she should not be sleeping.
3. Boy, who is full of cute.
4. Negrito, who is a darling.
5. Sweetiebelle, who is the sweetest!
6. Stranger kitten; calling it Pancake for now. I snapped this pic about an hour ago and its still in the same spot, sleeping ♥
7. My shelves. Spot the kitty.
8. Carbs I can’t have :(
9. Slow Carb Breakfast #1
10. Slow Carb Breakfast #2

I’m trying my best to stick to the Slow-Carb Diet but I already cheated the second and third day in (damn you, red wine; damn you, white rice; damn you, ube jam; damn you, chocolate). However, according to my Slow Carb Diet Toolbox, I am down 1kg and 11.3cm (all over) since I first logged my stats on March 1st. Still, I am undecided if I want to stick to it or just give up “bad carbs.” All I know is that there is pineapple in the house and it has been tempting me since Day 1.

(Chocolate, too.)