If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have noticed that I decided to pick up a new hobby last week— cross-stitch.

Stitchin’ during breakfast

Stitchin’ during the ride to lunch

Stitchin’ during lunch

It started with coming across My Little Pony patterns on Etsy, which led me to search for more cute patterns on the site. Eventually, I ended up on Pixelpower’s Etsy shop, saw that he had one for Hanson and a 5-patterns-for-$15 option (I was lucky to chance upon his shop before he raised prices).

It took me a day (of ignoring my friends, Sanya and Triccie) to finish Isaac (minus his eyes, which I am saving for later). Progress has been slow since, as my time is occupied with others things such as work and the internet.

Cross-stitch is dumb, tedious work that I find strangely enjoyable. I’m around PHP2000 deep into this new hobby (patterns, embroidery floss, cloth) because I also bought three cross-stitch iPhone cases, along with materials!

Do you cross-stitch? How long does it take you to complete a pattern?