The iPhone cross stitch cases I ordered from eBay (cost me less than 10USD for the kit) finally arrived last week and I wasted no time shirking nearly all responsibilities just so I could start making something.

Picking a pattern was a bit tricky because I didn’t want to use someone else’s, I didn’t want something trendy (ummm chevron???), and I definitely did not want something ambitious for my first attempt (no matter how gorgeous the possible results could be).

I considered using this Cat Sugar Skull pattern but I didn’t even know where or how to begin scaling it down to make it fit an iPhone case. I bought the pattern anyway BECAUSE HOW CAN I NOT???

Finally, I decided to just download a template and put something simple together. Unfortunately for me, the template I got off Pinterest turned out to be a few crucial stitch counts off.

Whatevaaaa, no turning back.

This is what I have right now:

DIY iPhone Cross Stitch Case

I’m undecided if I still want to do the rest of the blank spaces. Last night, I had filled in the green triangles with gold thread before realizing the gold totally killed the green. After filling in the pink with the peach, I took on the daunting task of undoing my mistake. I’m telling you, that shit isn’t easy! Especially without a seam ripper or a thread cutter (I haven’t seen mine since I moved last February). I poked my fingers several times with a safety pin but I managed and now, the green is looking all nice and pretty again.

DIY iPhone Cross Stitch Case

I can’t wait to attack the black case with shades of gold and maybe even metallic embroidery floss!

My next project is to organize all my cross stitch stuff before working on a Zac Hanson case for Sanya Pie.