Food Diary: What I Ate Wednesdays // 6

I AM MEGA EXHAUSTED. I thought about posting this a day late because I want nothing more than to snuggle in bed and fall asleep to MasterChef while my hair dries but I’m trying to keep a streak going here!

Today, I woke up at 1230pm only to find out— a half hour later— that I had to be in Makati by 230pm for a meeting. I was planning on scrambling some eggs and topping it with salsa for breakfast but oops, gotta rush!

Today was all about pork and rice.

Glorious, glorious pork and glorious, glorious rice.

First meal of the day:

What I Ate Wednesdays

I needed something to munch on during the meeting so I grabbed this little bag of pomelo from 7-11 without checking for dates or anything. I opened it and BAM! The smell of old fruit hit me. I ate a couple of pieces before giving up and chucking it. So much for tryna be healthy and shit.

Second meal of the day:

What I Ate Wednesdays

Convenience store lechon kawali. For a Mini Stop meal, this was all right. The pork was tender and the rice didn’t scream “NFA!!!” Gordon Ramsay would still probably find this dreadful, of course.

Third meal of the day:

Tin, Belle, and I walked to 8065 Bagnet for dinner.

What I Ate Wednesdays

I got my usual ensaladang mangga.

What I Ate Wednesdays

Mi amooooorrrrr— bagnet in spicy gata with bagoong rice ♥♥♥

What’s your favorite 8065 Bagnet meal?

Dinner, officially:

What I Ate Wednesdays

A bowl of my dad’s chicken vegetable soup! It’s got carrots, potatoes, and garbanzos.

Not pictured: some of Tin’s spicy sardine pasta and a chocolate-filled bread roll I had after dinner.

I ate A LOT of bad carbs because I did Circuit 360 yesterday (almost fainted because I was working out on an empty stomach) and in my head, I am making up for barely eating the previous day and that I deserve it. I obviously don’t BUT IT’S JUST THIS ONE TIME, OKAY!!! I PROMISE!!!

By the way, the meeting was moved to 4pm.

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  • Reply Yuki May 30, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Gordon Ramsay is such a man. <3 <3 <3 Wala lang, I just felt the need to say that lol huhu

  • Reply John Steven May 30, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    >By the way, the meeting was moved to 4pm.

    I love how you left the punchline for the very end. :D

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