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Super Quick Superman (Man of Steel) x Nestle Crunch Giveaway!

There are a few things I enjoy more than— forgive the cliche!!!— taking a walk down memory lane. Whether it be the music we used to listen to (90s music gave us the best pop music, if I may argue!), the books we used to read (The Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys), candies we used to save our school money for (Nerds, Nestle Crunch and Baby Ruth bars, Gobstoppers, Cry Baby, Runts), the cartoons we would obsess over (the Tagalized version of Peter Pan, A Dog of Flanders, Sailor Moon, Captain Planet, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Street Sharks, Jem and the Holograms, Daria), the TV shows we were allowed to watch (Perfect Strangers, *Lois & Clark, Buddy and Sol, Friends, Saved by the Bell), and our childhood heroes (the X-Men, Superman, Shaider, Mask Rider Black, the Spice Girls).

*For me, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher will always be Clark Kent and Lois Lane!

Superman is probably the most universally loved character ever created. Like, I legitimately don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Supes! With Man of Steel just a few days away, Nestle Crunch has kindly sponsored 10 pairs of tickets to the June 12 screening to give away to my readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms, conditions, r00lz, and stuff

  • Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
  • Ten (10) winners will be picked through Rafflecopter. Each winner gets two (2) tickets.
  • Movie screening details: June 12 (Wednesday), 4:30pm in Trinoma at Cinema 5.
  • Tickets will be claimed at the Nestle Crunch booth at the cinema. Don’t be late!
  • Winners will be announced on June 11, Tuesday.

Nestle Crunch will also have limited edition Superman tin cans available by June 17, 2013 in major supermarkets nationwide for only P260 (SRP). Henry Cavill is so pogi but not as pogi as Dean Cain or Marlon Brando!

Gotta get them all!

The Nestle Crunch booth

Who else is excited for Man of Steel?! I know I am!

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