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1. I have a job.

Well, I’ve always had a job. Jobs, actually. But I’m back working in an office now (on my second week), after over a year of working from home.

It’s great, I like it. My job has structure and people are friendly and easy to talk to.

I hate the commute, though.

Taking public transportation is a way of life for me. I like it, I feel all moral and shit not contributing to traffic because my non-existent car carrying a grand total of one passenger isn’t occupying precious road space. But then I also don’t drive nor can I afford a car so it’s not like I have a choice.

Now that I’ve moved to Valley Golf, I get to deal with two levels of traffic hell: C5 and Rosario. If Metro Manila traffic were an ingredient, it would be curdled milk; add Rosario traffic into the mix and you have curdled milk served with a generous pile of fresh cat shit. It’s ridiculous. On really bad days, it takes me two hours to get to work… and that’s not counting the waiting time for an FX! Sometimes, I take a nap during the commute but I mostly use the time to catch up on my TV shows.


2. A cat keeps shitting and pissing on my bed.

Can’t get any respect around here! It happened again this morning, praise baby jesus it wasn’t of the diarrhea nature, so clean-up was easy. Of course Kulasa cat had to pee, too. From four pillows, I am down to one.

3. I’m still fat.

I signed up for a gym last month but I missed going all week last week. I know I say this maybe 80 times a week but I am getting my butt in gear! I am, once again, going to try and cut out rice and bread from my diet and see where this takes me. My goal for this year is to dye my hair darker, drop 15-20 pounds, and find true love shake my prayer beads that Ezra Koenig is into that.

4. Things are a bit loopy and ragey.

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